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Our menu*

* The prices stated are for our MedienHafen restaurant.


bc-flingern-galerie (9)
Spring Rolls
5,50 €
Vegetarian (9 Pieces)
5,90 €
with a special soy vinegar dressing
Chicken Satay
5,90 €
with peanut Sauce
Gua Ti
7,50 €
fried dumplings filled with tasty spiced beef
Mayi Shang Shu
7,50 €
Chinese noodle soup with meatballs, black mushrooms and vegetables (slightly spicy)
Coconut Milk Soup
7,50 €
with thinly sliced chicken, shiitake mushrooms and vegetables (slightly spicy)
Handmade Jao-Zi
7,90 €
chinas national dish with beef and black mushrooms (4 pieces)
Handmade Vegetarian Jao-Zi
7,90 €
with vegetables and mushrooms
Angry Shrimp
7,90 €
fried dough filled with shrimps, fresh herbs and tomatoes (slightly spicy)
Spinach, Soy and Carrot Salad
6,90 €
with Chinese vermicelli and honey mustard dressing
Handmade Noodles
7,50 €
with a special sauce created by Master Wu (spicy)
Chicken Breast Salad
8,90 €
with cucumber and garlic (spicy)
9,90 €
fried chicken breast wrapped in noodle dough with seasoned vegetables and peanut sauce
Fragrant Harbor Wrap
8,90 €
tofu, mint, vegetables and honey mustard sauce
Traditional Peking Duck (for 2 persons)
19,90 €
with special sauce and green onions, wrapped in noodle dough

Noodle soups

bc-flingern-galerie (10)
14,90 €
carrots, soybean sprouts, soy, chinese cabbage, tofu and broccoli (spicy)
Chicken breast
16,50 €
with mixed vegetables (slightly spicy)
17,50 €
coconut milk curry with vegetables (slightly spicy)
Beef Tenderloin
17,90 €
sauteed with leeks, carrots and spinach

Main courses

bc-flingern-galerie (11)
Madame lanzhou
15,50 €
grilled chicken breast with lanzhou-salad and curry (spicy)
Lanzhou shrimp
16,50 €
shrimps with sweet sour spicy sauce with mixed vegetables
Handmade noodles or rice
15,90 €
with tofu, spinach, broccoli, soybbean sprouts, carrots and zucchini (slightly spicy)
Memory of the silk road
15,50 €
fried chinese vermicelli with seasonal vegetables and chicken breast
Chicken breast WO AI JIN JU
17,50 €
with mixed Vegetables (slightly spicy)
Forbidden City
17,50 €
with chicken breast and seasonal vegetables (spicy)
Handmade Noodles
15,50 €
with marinated pork, chopped peanuts and a local vegetables sauce (spicy)
17,50 €
fried rice noddles with beef and pak choi vegetables
Beef tenderloin
19,50 €
with black mushrooms, spinach, tofu and chinese pepper sauteed szechuan style (spicy)
Crispy summer duck
16,50 €
with lanzouh salad and soy vinegar sauce
Crispy Master Fey peking duck
19,90 €
with sauce and mixed vegetables
Hot plate Chicken breast
18,50 €
with mixed vegetables
Hot plate Beef tenderloin
19,90 €
with mixed vegetables
Hot plate Shrimp
20,90 €
with mixed vegetables
Hot plate Argentinian beef tenderloin
24,50 €
with mixed vegetables

Unless otherwise requested, all dishes are served with either noodles or rice

Extra Saucen

Peanut sauce
0,50 €
Spicy sauce
0,50 €
Duck sauce
0,50 €


Fried Banana
6,90 €
with mango and ice cream: indian mango / vanilla /sesame / chocolate coconut split / chocolate mint
Homemade ice cream
indian mango / vanilla /sesame / chocolate coconut split / chocolate mint