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Our Story

About us

We are traditionalists

Far Eastern noodle master skills from Lanzhou

The idea came about several years ago in the province of Gansu. In the winding alleys, crammed with restaurants, of the city of Lanzhou, the founders of Böser Chinese caught the whiff of a distinctively aromatic scent. A staple of Lanzhou
dishes are “Lamian”: distinctive stretchy, hand-made noodles that are well-known around the world, but extremely hard to make.

It takes more than 5 years of training with old masters – who carry on and refine this culinary art across generations – to perfect it.

Our head chef, a grandmaster in this culinary skill, was keen to bring this cuisine to European foodies, and so headed for the Rhine with his team. Böser Chinese was born, and became a runaway success.


Preparation is key.

Our mission

Age-old tradition with a modern twist. In Dusseldorf, a city that vibrates with the hustle and bustle of modern life, our wish is to offer you an escape from the daily grind and to treat your taste buds to delicious traditional Chinese cuisine. We warmly invite you to come along and find out what we mean for yourself!